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The BigMat’15 International Architecture Award was created to recognize those works that have significantly contributed to the contemporary architectural culture in the five countries where BigMat is established: Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and the Walloon and Brussels Capital regions of Belgium.

The competition is open to architects with a professional office in any of the six countries listed above and whose works have been built in these territories. Works will only be considered for this prize if they were built between January 1st, 2011, and January 1st, 2015, in all the participating countries except Portugal, where it will be possible to present works built between January 1st, 2007, and January 1st, 2015, as this country has been included in the prize for the first time in this second edition. All works shortlisted, whether runners-up or winners, in the first edition of the Prize are not eligible for submission in this second edition.

All submitted works will be judged by a jury of internationally renowned architects: Martin Rajnis (Czech Republic), Antonio Cruz (Spain), Henri Ciriani (France), Francesco Dal Co (Italy), Manuel Aires Mateus (Portugal) and Olivier Bastin (Walloon and Brussels Capital regions of Belgium).

The BigMat'15 International Architecture Award is worth 30.000 euros. The prize list also includes five BigMat'15 National Architecture Award, twelve finalists and a Special Mention for Young Architects.

The inscription deadline, free of charge, will end on May 1st, 2015. Every inscription can be made through the website: We inform you that the required material for the registry of each project can be found on the registration area and, later on, Registration of new project. Every inscription can be made through the website:

The material consists of the following documents: • Identification and contact details for the office authoring the project. • Identification and contact details for the author or team leader for the project. • Title of the work, year of its completion and location. • Brief description of the project (300 words). • Credits. • One single PDF document less than 10 MB in size, containing two horizontal DIN A3 panels with the documents necessary for the understanding of the project.

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